Lauren henderson jane austens guide to dating

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Includes personality quizzes to reveal which Austen character you most resemble.

101 Things You Didn’t Know about Jane Austen: The Truth about the World’s Most Intriguing Romantic Literary Heroine, Patrice Hannon So You Think You Know Jane Austen?

She was reportedly amused, during a visit to a local circulating library, when her niece Anna picked up a copy of and, unaware of its authorship, tossed it aside, saying “Oh that must be rubbish I am sure from the title.” Apart from a brief period after Austen’s death, the novel has never been out of print.

— Judith Rosen Lauren Henderson This book draws on the wisdom in Austen’s novels to advise those searching for the perfect mate today.

As a result, “Jane Austen” never appeared on her title pages during her lifetime.

Austen also appears to have taken a certain pleasure in privacy.

During the long period between first conception and publication she revised it repeatedly, composing two other novels as well: a version of finally appeared in print, it sparked a new burst of creativity.All these works present Austens characters, and to some degree Austen herself, as engaging, trustworthy models for Christian behavior in todays world.This effort requires considerable interpretation of Austens novels and of their author, interpretation that nevertheless takes very different forms for Arthur and for Smith.At the same time, our detailed knowledge of Austens original texts and contexts allows us to identify important parallels and differences, which in turn reveal the strategies employed by the adapter to appeal to her or his anticipated audience.What we gain from such scrutiny is a fuller appreciation of what is indeed universalor can be claimed to be soabout Austens writing, as well as of what is at stake for the adapter in making such a claim.

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