Mac mail rss not updating

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My wife's account is updating with new emails normally.

My account email downloaded when my account was established, but it has not updated since.

This happen to me as well, some times if i "ctrl click" onto the feed title in the left bar and chose "update" the feed is updated, but this doesn't work all the time. I have tried to delete RSS feeds and reconnect to them, but that just causes Mail to crash. Worse, some of those articles I want to keep but unless I have forwarded them to someone I often don't remember which ones.

Some other times if i restart Apple Mail it automatically updates the feeds, but again this doesn't work all the time. I'm using Opera as the default RSS client for now, and works really well, but i prefer the look 'n feel Apple Mail offers. Since I have dozens of feeds this is really frustrating. Can't you make one of your core applications work correctly?!?

Some other times i reboot my i Mac and then when i open Mail the feeds auto update well. Moreover, I can't just stop any given feed - the only way to do that (apparently) is to delete the feed with all the saved articles.

the very same has begun to happen to me (as of today). I even tried deleting the feeds and then re-subscribing, but that didn't work either.

Thus, the two workarounds are basically two ways to forcibly reestablish connections between the Mac OS X Mail application and the remote email server.

Only users who have been effected by new mail not showing up reliably should need to bother with this, and if you haven’t noticed any issues so far then you’re probably not impacted.

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The easiest solution for many has been to simply relaunch Mail app every time users want to check their mail with the trouble providers.

Can someone tell me what I need to do to get my new messages to load into Outlook Inbox.

The bundled Mail app for Mac has taken an odd turn by gaining a collection of odd bugs and incompatibilities with a variety of email providers.

I have the "Check for new messages" setting in Mail to "Automatically" but it is not retrieving them automatically, I have to manually click the "Get new messages" button again to get the messages.

I have also tried setting "Check for new messages" to "Every minute" but this does not work either.

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