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Thanks xo MJ Here’s good little dilemma for your Monday afternoon. Should a nice Canadian gal sell her soul ‘just a little’ to rake up a few thousand more book sales or should she take the high road and hope her message won’t get lost in the din of the circus that surrounds her?Now trust me – I am not suggesting I am the Mother Theresa of the book world – on the contrary. And believe me I am quite flattered when people like Perez Hilton say that I am a Whore of the written word. And part of the reason that I allowed that to be part of the title is because it says I get the joke, I am in on it and I am ready to own it.

) to probably ink the deal on her new reality show planing ‘bottle’ parties for the PGA? I guess the first aspect of it, and to a certain extend I have been through this – is it really anybody’s business?

Or how about a lovely cocktail waitress from Las Vegas who just happens to have saved over 300 text messages from Tiger on her pink and glittery cell phone? Does the public really have the right to know every gruesome detail of someone else’s personal business?

You know – just in case he wanted to show his wife when there was a lull in the dinner conversation. Now mine was just kind of low rent and tacky, but it was public and humiliating and in it’s own way a car wreck, but at least I wasn’t driving.

Both were divorced many years out BUT still fearful.

That thought had never even crossed my mind – I began to wonder – should I be worried??? It was a real moment and reminded me once again how much courage and stamina it takes for all of us to get over the hurt and betrayal of divorce.

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