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Quite simply, secular scientists are over-counting the number of true annual layers.Scientists have repeatedly observed 15 to 16 different depth hoar/wind crust couplet patterns forming Secular scientists have also acknowledged that two such patterns (or groups of patterns) formed during the same year could be mistaken for two separate annual patterns if they were physically separated by a significant depth of snow or ice.monthly news magazine contains articles and information of current interest dealing with creation, evolution, and related topics.Current and past issues can be read online, and you can sign up to receive future issues, all for free.These jumps or spikes in the amount of scattered light are also thought to indicate spring/summer layers.Over-Counting the Layers So how do biblical creationists respond to the vast ages assigned to the GISP2 ice core?These acids make it a little easier for electricity to pass through the ice, corresponding to increases in the ice’s electrical conductivity.

This multifaceted comparative method, it is argued, must include word parallels, historical connections and genre categorization.Coupled with these arguments, historical connections external to Ecclesiastes, including the fact that the P source version of the flood story in the Pentateuch was heavily influenced by Gilgamesh and that a fragment of Gilgamesh has been found at Megiddo, prove that Gilgamesh was known in Palestine.A second set of arguments center on the two texts themselves, arguing that the texts are similar in language, order and theme.Second, he would argue that it is preposterous to think that secular scientists could be over-counting by much: 110,000 years (or more! However, the dates of volcanic eruptions can generally be confirmed by eyewitness testimony for only the last 300 years, with a small number of eruptions that potentially can be dated as far back as 2,000 years.So volcanic reference horizons cannot be used as checks for layer counts within the deeper parts of the cores.

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