Movie dating therapist son american girl dating a kenyan man

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" -- I can guarantee you he wouldn't care for this.

"Prime" also doesn't have any of the typical emotional manipulations found in your average rom-com.

There is the suggestion that maybe love doesn’t always conquer all — but then again, maybe it does. Maybe this movie has too many scenes where Rafi and David break up, reunite, and break up again. It’s enough of a romantic-comedy to satisfy fans of that genre, but different enough from the usual template to be worth recommending to regular people, too.

It’s also a good reminder not to lie to your shrink.

Meanwhile, Lisa is berating David for dating a girl who, by his description, is not Jewish.The son can’t mention to his mom what his new girlfriend’s name is, and the woman can’t tell her psychiatrist the full name of the man she’s dating.Oh, and the psychiatrist and her son need to have different last names.Even when the truth does come out, there is still plenty of time left to deal with the aftermath.Younger keeps the focus on the characters as people, not just as pawns in a silly movie plot.

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