Norton antivirus wont updating

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You can then configure your settings by clicking "What to Scan" and removing the check mark from the "Scan Outgoing Email Messages" check box.

Complete the task by clicking "Apply" and selecting "Permanently" from the Security Request window.

If you use Norton 360, click “Tasks” and then click "Run Live Update." Click "OK" when you see "Your Norton Product Now Has the Latest Protection Updates." If you send an email, your Internet Service Provider or your recipient's ISP may display an error message if it thinks the email contains spam, or if you sent an attachment that's larger than the ISP permits.

That error message says, "Your email was unable to send because the connection to mail server was interrupted." You could also see the message if the email address you entered is incorrect or it doesn't exist.

When an ISP rejects an email, you see an error message because Norton's Email Protection feature displays it.

If you'd like to turn Email Protection off and you use Norton Anti Virus or Norton Internet Security, click "Settings" followed by "Network" and then click "Message Protection." Otherwise, click "Antivirus" followed by "Configure," if you use Norton 360.

A secure site, such as an online bank, has "https" at the beginning of its URL; More importantly, it encrypts information as you communicate with the site.

Resolve this problem by launching Norton and clicking "Live Update” if you use Norton Internet Security.

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Others occur when you perform specific actions as you work on your computer.

If you see an error that says the application cannot connect to Live Update, launch your browser and visit the Symantec website (link in Resources).

Restart your computer if you can't connect to that site.

You can check to see if you have the latest version, and install an update if needed, by directing your Web browser to the Norton Update Center (link in Resources).

If you keep your Norton Antivirus definition patters up to date, you should not have any shutdown problems related to malware or viruses.

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