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22 areas have been revamped, with much more in the works.

This mod works beautifully with Qarl’s Texture Pack and Natural Environments – combine all them to see Cyrodiil in its finest. The Leveled Creatures and Items of francesco Mod Francesco’s mod shares a great deal of similarities with Oscuro’s Overhaul.

With new dynamic weather impacts, revamped water effects, foliage tweaks and the addition of birds and insects, Natural Environments does a great job of creating Cyrodiil feels much more like a living, breathing planet. Martigen’s Dragon Mod Adds over 150 brand new types of enemies and creatures, making the game a far more diverse place to research.

Like Oscuro’s overhaul, this mod also adds unique boss monsters with their own tailored loot drops, including new weapons and armour.

Check out the insane Lightning Storm ability in the movie below. Unique Landscapes Unique Landscapes is a series of mods that goal to turn each location in Cyrodiil into a hand crafted masterpiece.

Each mode includes a different author, and each writer is invited to bring their personal style to each area, making sure that no two places are entirely alike.

Magic is a lot easier to cast, innovative creature AI ensures monsters respond to you realistically, and boss characters are scattered throughout the world to provide extra challenge and some desired loot drops.

A string of smaller mods are also integrated, adding AI tweaks, balance alterations and countless new weapons and items to the match. Midas’ Magic Spells of Aurum Turn your enemies into gold, then ride a magic carpet, summon a Balrog and blast your way through 7 new areas.

Oscuro’s Overhaul tweaks virtually every other aspect of the game too.

The mod adds a huge number of new magic skills to Oblivion, along with new mounts, and even transformation powers.

The mod claims to retain the balance of Oblivion, and it will to a certain extent, but once you’ve gained the most effective spells on offer, nothing will stand in your way.

Your competitors have the very same skills, also, naturally, making struggles tactical and tense affairs. Critical strikes lead to pleasingly ludicrous death cartoons and the new, Sam Fisher-esque stealth kills will see you snapping necks and slitting throats with brutal exuberance. Qarl’s Texture Pack III Qarl’s Texture Pack III is the most popular and comprehensive Oblivion texture pack on the market.

It comes in several distinct forms to suit different PC specs, and thus don’t select one your machine can handle.

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