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A number of the settlement-names have not hitherto been located or been subject to etymological analysis, no previous study having comprehensively engaged with their earliest forms.The earliest known forms are recorded in fiscal evaluation dating to the final decade of the 15th century and, as such, the settlement-names provide a window on the Late Medieval period.Part One Chapter 1 sets the research in context in providing geographical, geological, topographical, tenurial, ecclesiastical and fiscal information for the two districts.

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For example, if you ask someone "was it hard losing your home when that meteorite wiped out the dinosaurs?

Many of these ON settlement-names are still used locally and are recorded on modern maps; others have fallen out of use.

The same can be said of the earliest settlement-names of Gaelic origin.

The settlement-toponymy provides irrefutable evidence that ON-speakers settled locally and named their settlements in ON.

In subsequent centuries, long after ON ceased to be spoken locally, these ON settlement-names were perpetuated by local Gaelic-speakers.

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