Orthodox christian morality dating

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The Orthodox Church, however, vigorously opposed the use of the Gregorian calendar.

This resulted in the West and East celebrating all Church feast days on different dates, the Orthodox celebrations always falling thirteen days behind the Western.

The first factor, the calendar, has to do with the fact that the Christian Orthodox Church continues to follow the Julian calendar when calculating the date of Pascha (Easter).

The rest of Christianity uses the Gregorian calendar.

Get ready for Orthodox Easter: Shop the Greek Easter collecton now How the Date of Pascha (Easter) is Determined During the first three centuries of Christianity, there was no universal date for celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Churches in various parts of the world followed different traditions.

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This congress made the very controversial decision to follow a revised calendar that was essentially the same as the Gregorian calendar, for all things except the celebration of Pascha, which continued to be calculated according to the original Julian calendar.

Do not fear this consecration; you are pure even after marriage' (Oration on Holy Baptism, quoted by George Gabriel, You May Call My Words Immodest, p. The sexual union of man and woman in Christian marriage is sanctified, set apart, hallowed, sacred, holy. At the same time—and I cannot emphasize this point strongly enough—the Church teaches us clearly that sex is not the essence of Christian marriage." It is also important when speaking about sexual relations among spouses to speak about the product of this conjugal union.

The creation of progeny is a natural consequence of marriage.

Sex, or sexual relations, includes not only sexual intercourse, but also other sexual activity, even to the extent of hand-holding or kissing.

In order to understand this, sex must be understood not only as a matter for the body, but also as a matter for the mind. "[A] man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh" (Gen. In its proper context of marriage, sex can be a good thing.

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