P2p single dating 75 2016 dating in greece

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There are a lot of teenagers and early twenties British expats, many of whom are also DTF.Wednesday is also ‘lady’s night’ which means a good ratio of girls to guys.From 11pm – 3am there will be horny girls all over the streets in LKF. Déjà vu is usually free (if you bring girls and go early-ish) and can be good on the weekend.

If you travel solo you can also find other guys to hang out with and chicks to talk with.

There will still be tourists out in LKF on these days, but in general, you will have more luck storming the beaches and shopping malls on Sunday and day game on Mon and Tues. This is typically a younger crowd, many of whom already know each other but are still open to being hit on and aren’t too cliquey.

The street game at night is good and many people just hang outside Club 7 and are very easy to open.

Some guys say that there is a large distinction between gaming different girls. In the day time you have to mellow it out a little, and approaching with an indirect opener can work well.

Strangely however, in the club anything less then direct (and often grabby) approaches often don’t get noticed.

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