Peter teaches meg about dating

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We find out Peter used to be a pool boy for the family, which solves the question of how Lois and Peter met in the first place.You would think however that at the very least, Lois would be a trust fund baby and that at a certain age, she would have access to plenty of money on her own.A stay-at-home mother like Lois has a lot to deal with already when she herself isn’t part of the craziness that goes on in her house.Except that on top of all of that, her own husband is often the catalyst for many of their wilder misadventures. Aside from an ongoing friendship with Brian the family dog, and a developing one with his brother Chris that has been steadily solidifying these past few seasons, as well as various strangers as the plot demands, Stewie is for all intents and purposes a one year old baby to his parents.Meg Carter is a UK-based freelance journalist who has written widely on all aspects of branding, media, marketing & creativity for a wide range of outlets including The Independent, Financial Times and Guardian newspapers, New Media Age and Wired."I'm going to be wearing duck-egg blue," Noel Gallagher's ex told me at a party at the Royal Academy of Art. It is not going to be a traditional wedding." Of her wedding plans, Matthews, a former member of the infamous Primrose Hill Set, tells me: "It's going to be very Dickensian.Over the years, the main couple of Family Guy, Lois and Peter Griffin, have been through just about every strange adventure and scenario you can think of.

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A regular day at the Griffin’s house isn’t exactly what others would call normal.

Think Oliver and the Artful Dodger, that kind of thing.

It's going to be East London in the winter – far from traditional." Uh oh.

Derek Batey suggests Mandrake the Musical Having hosted the original 450-episode run of Mr & Mrs, Derek Batey knows what makes a hit.

The Hollywood actor Hayden Christensen was, Batey feels, prudent not to involve himself with the mooted film Mandrake the Magician so long as its makers persist with the dull notion that it should be about an old comicstrip superhero.

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