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Still probably not worth being led on, cheated on, lied to and dumped. "Then come the crocodile tears."Oh get THIS: Robin had framed a torn out blurb from Us magazine rumoring she and Clooney were dating after "The Good German", (even though he doesn't even talk to her). Doesn't have a pic of her own mother in the apartment, though.

People in the business have been complicit in keeping Robin sick.

This conversation is the best thing that could happen for her.

The less hidden all this is, the more motive she has to be in real treatment.

Robin Weigert taps Brooke Wyeth's mind in 'Other Desert Cities' On your way to meet actress Robin Weigert for the first time, you may be forgiven for feeling some trepidation about who, exactly, will greet you at the door. Lived with Elizabeth Sarnoff of Lost fame and that is how she got her role on Lost. The details about her obsession with Cherry are thus: robin had sex with a lesbian casting director who put her in as an understudy in a play Cherry was doing Pride's Crossing by Tina Howe. Based on her sexual attraction to people who have power, can advance her career and who she wants to be, she became so obsessed with Cherry that robin would burst into tears in rehearsal and run out, Or steal Cherry;s bike. At least she didn't go the Sarah Paulson route and screw anything that can get her a job! She has said in several different interviews that she is getting married, however she always says the word fiance, never 'he'.

Started her career by having sex with two very unattractive lesbian casting directors. This one has no ethics, is ruthless and yes, she speaks German as her father was a rich doctor. She was good in Lost but she's no Glenn Close/Meryl Streep/Jessica Lange. I have a question about Maggie Siff that I can't seem to find anywhere.

Also, there is no reason for her to have a photo of her mother in her house, her mother- whose father (Robin's beloved grandfather) was also a predator- allowed Robin to be in truly heinous positions as a child. Agreed that she's in the worst profession in the worst industry to help her -- acting enables her disabilities and unhealthy behavior to a grotesque extreme.

It would be really sad, except she takes down so many other people with her & isn't getting treated. Great guy but he really seems to like her, gay male so of course the dynamic is different, they went to NYU Grad together. I had never heard that she seems crazy as shit, but NO one has said shes without talent, that says a lot. sublime as calamity jane I'd just like her to stop taking off her clothes in so many roles. Gay guys in her circle don't have to deal with her turning all crazy psycho bitch on them. Sara Hess was Faith Prince's assistant when she met Robin when Faith and Robin were in Noises Off in NY (one example where Robin was not very good.) They got together, moved into her studio and then when Robin got Deadwood, they moved to LA.

Go figure it's not like she got her roles on sheer talent alone either. I have been a huge Robin Weigert fan for awhile and was really surprised to read some of the comments on here. She won't give any names and I can find nothing about it online.

Also, she recently had a movie debut at Sundance she was in about a suburban lesbian housewife( played by Robin Weigert) who becomes a prostitute for women.

RW quickly hooks up with another gf she has move in with her, but then claims to feel stifled.

Gets rid of this gf by flying to DC for a funeral & fucking a family friend there. RW gets the lead in lesbo hooker film w/Maggie Siff (yep, totally straight) - &, unknown to Kristen, RW has affair with the movie's married LESBIAN director.

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