Robotic sex chat

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Reports have shown that perhaps over half of all internet traffic might be non-human.Bots on Facebook and Twitter are often unnoticed by the bot detection mechanisms and are capable of posting, commenting, spreading fake news and thus influencing public opinion (astroturfing).It is estimated that by 2030, up to 800 million workers will be replaced by technology.

Other potential purposes/functions that we might see more available in the future include combatting loneliness in the elderly, aiding people having difficulties with socializing and even giving a voice to the often unheard.

It might be that certain political situations block or even motivate certain developments, that we run out of important resources or any kind of event happens that might block or stimulate us.

Google has recently announced the coming of Google Duplex, a virtual assistant which can imitate a human so realistically (‘hmm’s and ‘uh’s included), it can e.g.

Jobs might be taken but many services will be improved by the use of (chat)bots, ones that we trust.

An evident example is healthcare, a field in which much progress is already visible.

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