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While House of Eros may primarily be the oasis for erotic play-by-post role-playing, it provides a wide spectrum of role-playing opportunities, ranging from fandom writing to original settings, story-driven plots to linear erotica.One-on-one threads may be the most usual, but there are also several long-term group role-plays.the site is pretty accommodating when it come to how you want to rp.Sometimes the mods don't pay attention but we're all human so i believe that they were busy but for the most part it is great, i do wish i was still on there.Everything is in the open and it was easy enough to learn even though the layout was extremely different from what I'm used to.

Respect the rules and your fellow writers, don't try to join while underage, and you will be fine.Here is a good review for this site~ Invidia1988~I have been on the site for a good long while before getting banned a few weeks back.I honestly wish I could be able to return and chat with everyone I have come to meet and enjoy being around.Sure you may need to wad through some request threads and dig around to find exactly what you are looking for, however it is a great site to try out if you like forum RP or to just hang out in chat.The few trolls it has in the chat are ones that can be found anywhere on the internet, give it a shot and see how you like it.

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