Ronn moss and katherine kelly lang dating

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To reassure her that he loves her, Deacon proposes and they marry after both Brooke and Hope try to stop the wedding.

3 The relationship between Liam and Steffy started as a love triangle.

This caused Carter to call off the engagement and Maya went after Rick with all she had.

Eventually she managed to lure Rick away from Caroline and they ended up in bed together.

Steffy then left town for a period of time and when she came back, Liam was already involved with Ivy.

Though she started off just using Deacon, Quinn fell in love.Though Liam almost married Hope, once he found out about the child, he married Steffy.Steffy ended up losing the child in a motorcycle accident, and blamed herself so much that it ended up breaking up their marriage.And although there will be more to the scene between Brooke and Ridge on today’s episode of the CBS soap opera, what did you think of that kiss? Of course, a little controversy adds some spice into the mix.

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