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Wears a simple snug black tee shirt and blue jeans with black shoes, held up by a worn black leather belt.

It’s time for yet another cell check, which in isolation is done every ten minutes, all day, every day. Still with her back to the nurse, Deb hooks her thumbs in to the waistband of the thong. The nurse turns the chair around […] It was that time of year again. Crystal said “One lucky guy you are tonight getting to enjoy 4 gorgeous boobs and two nice pussies.” I smiled and responded “yes I am!” They both walked over to me, […] Chapter one My introduction to fulfilling all my sex fantasies What does a reasonably active professional man of 60, full head of hair and reasonably libido do when made redundant?At this time, he has only been working for one person, Akiko.Though it seems he has got lucky with obtaining her as his Master, she being very kind, and always treating him like an equal, though around others that is kept hidden.

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