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The app uses peer-to-peer technology for data transfer, which means that there’s no central server that has access to all your data.Other than the normal functions you’d expect from a Skype alternative, including voice and video calls, instant messaging, and file sharing, TOX also features a desktop sharing option.While TOX is a great Skype alternative for video calls, it currently doesn’t have a proper interface for video conferences which is a bummer, but you can use q TOX – a client based on TOX – for video conferencing.

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While most of its features are free to use, calling to a mobile number or landline outside of US and Canada is chargeable.

VSee lets you do unlimited group video calls for free.

VSee started as a Tele-health app for providing medical consultation over Internet to the people residing in remote areas, but it isn’t limited to that only, you can also use it for your own purpose.

Let’s take a look at some of jitsi’s features: Face Time is again an excellent alternative for Skype, but only for Mac and i OS users.

With Face Time, you can easily make High quality video calls for free.

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