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Participants were given instructions, bilingual manuals, and yoga equipment to encourage home practice.

Participants were asked to keep journals to document the frequency and duration of home practice and their experience while on the study.

Whether you wish to lose yourself to relaxation and romance in our lovely Suites with fabulous ocean views or have fun with our shows and live music, you can always find the perfect mood at Melia Nassau Beach – All Inclusive.

Enjoy extra privileges for guests staying at The Level, gain access to exclusive beach area, relax in the private lounge at breakfast or choose from a selection of premium top shelf liquors and appetizers whenever you like throughout the resort, as well as preferential bookings at our restaurants and much more.

Family’s love staying with us as we welcome kids of all ages and provide a safe and separate environment for them at our family pool and Kid’s Club supervised by qualified personnel.

Our team of experienced professionals can work with you to create innovative events in any of our 5 meeting rooms with state-of-the-art equipment or our Ballroom and Gazebo for weddings.

Biweekly, 60-min, bilingual yoga classes were offered for 8 weeks at a yoga studio in Washington, DC.

Classes were kept small (3–10 participants) to allow for pose modifications as needed for each participant.

Using nonparametric tests, selected outcome measures showed a measurable change post-intervention suggesting appropriate use in future studies.

While there is a growing interest in the therapeutic benefits of yoga, minority populations with arthritis tend to be under-represented in the research.

Additionally, there is an absence of guidance in the literature regarding the use of multicultural teams and sociocultural health beliefs, when designing yoga studies for a racially diverse population with arthritis.

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Water enthusiasts can also enjoy non-motorized water sports right on property.

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