Smart guys intimidating otzi the iceman radiocarbon dating

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This is a sign that they’re trying to be really subtle about looking at you, because they’re embarrassed about their chances.

”I’m going to reveal an inconvenient truth and betray my brothers even more than Howie above: good-looking men by the score are terrified sometimes to the point of wetting their pants when they get in the company of a few beautiful women who have been irresistibly drawn to them because of their good looks.

If you see him doing this, he’s probably too intimidated to ask you out.

You’ve overheard him asking why a girl like you would go out with him.

You’re single because of the fact that everyone’s too petrified to actually talk to you.

You’re an amazing woman and have so much to offer the world, but finding a guy who’s up to the task is easier said than done.

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