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The friend zone is simply like the “Recycle Bin” on our computers.

Files which you consider excess or less important but you are not sure you want to loose them yet. Once in two months or so, you visit your bin to either restore some needed files or permanently delete the useless ones.

I know he's a nice guy but he didn't seem comfortable about making a clear move on that girl.

Now if he does it and he seems weird..might come off kinda bad.

He mentioned that he saw a woman in distressed and asked her if he could help, but he kept an appropriate "Black man distance" from her.

Btw that site has some good articles."Where is the balance for men between persistence and creepiness? (Emo violin sound.) First off, that just wasn't true; in my first relationship I learned pretty quickly that I did have preferences and they didn't meet them.Don't let a woman see you get all determined when she says no. Laughing it off and saying 'Alright, let me know if you think that could change' is a solid way to leave it open but non-threatening.Really though, I think instead of teaching men how to pursue women there's a lot of value in teaching them how women flirt. Practice interacting with people in low-stakes environments? If the emphasis is on self-improvement, let's really focus on the self, and especially those parts of the self that give us more personality.Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.I was trying to help a guy friend by giving him advice on how to meet girls and I told him a few things about maybe trying a bit harder and showing more interest to the girl he's got his eye one.

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