Something awful dating

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“People were saying they were matched with their exes, with their best friend’s boyfriend,” Sterling-Angus recalled.

“Siblings matched, and everyone else was horrified but we were ecstatic because we’re like, ‘It works.’” A few people started dating their matches, but that was almost beside the point.

Seventeen years later, two Stanford classmates, Sophia Sterling-Angus and Liam Mc Gregor, landed on a similar concept while taking an economics class on market design.

They’d seen how overwhelming choice impacted their classmates’ love lives and felt certain it led to “worse outcomes.” “Tinder’s huge innovation was that they eliminated rejection, but they introduced massive search costs,” Mc Gregor explained.

Using economic theory and cutting-edge computer science, the Marriage Pact is designed to match people up in stable partnerships.

As Streiber and her date chatted, “It became immediately clear to me why we were a 100 percent match,” she said.

Mc Gregor and Sterling-Angus read through academic journals and talked to experts to design a survey that could test core companionship values.

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What if they gave people one match based on core values, rather than many matches based on interests (which can change) or physical attraction (which can fade)?And while “marriage pacts” have probably long been informally invoked, they’d never been powered by an algorithm.What started as Sterling-Angus and Mc Gregor’s minor class project quickly became a viral phenomenon on campus.“There are a lot of superficial things that people prioritize in short-term relationships that kind of work against their search for ‘the one,’” Mc Gregor said.“As you turn that dial and look at five-month, five-year, or five-decade relationships, what matters really, really changes.

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