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Sadowski said patent brokerage firms, such as Los Altos, Calif.-based IP Venture Inc., have stomped out smaller IP deals by only looking for home runs."In the beginning, firms like IP Venture covered the spectrum of all deals; now they are only looking at patent portfolios in the hundreds of millions of dollars," Sadowski said.It includes the data on the federal grants; access to a searchable database of import-export trade of more than 50 companies, including U. trade with the world; access to a database listing capabilities for North American manufacturers and distributors; a link to a patent brokerage; and contact information for area patent attorneys.Slower than planned, the Auto Harvest Foundation is gaining traction in its goal of providing an online meeting place for automakers and auto suppliers, advanced manufacturers, universities and national labs to license or find intellectual property.A match made online Song Young is CEO of Optimal Inc., a Plymouth-based provider of engineering services and staffing to the auto sector.He is negotiating a license agreement for two patents with the University of Michigan for his new company, Optimal Process Technologies LLC, which was founded in Plymouth in 2012. Auto Harvest offers a platform for parties to get together.The site would include an alert system, so someone looking for something specific doesn't have to keep checking but can be notified when data is added he or she might be interested in."In terms of being globally live, which is the big event, we're getting close," Pankin said. I don't think there will be snow on the ground." In addition to its small office in Detroit's Tech Town, Auto Harvest, which employs five, also has an office in the North Campus Research Complex at the University of Michigan.

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"For every R&D stage, there's a need; companies are asking, 'Do I spend R&D on developing this technology or look for what's already out there? IPXI launched its first licensing deal recently, involving 600 patents associated with organic light-emitting diode technologies for display screens from Koninklijke Philips N. The licenses are being sold as five square meters of OLED panels per license, which is enough for 700 smartphones, Mc Clure said. Young said he did a search on the Auto Harvest site for something called "dissimilar material joining," which, he said, "led to my discovery of the outstanding work done by Professor Jack Hu and his team at the University of Michigan." While negotiating the license, Young formed Optimal Process and began applying for federal research grants, the first of which began in January, a National Science Foundation phase-one Small Business Innovative Research grant of 9,226 to investigate "joining of dissimilar materials using rivet-weld technology."Despite taking nearly two years longer than planned to implement and the ongoing struggles with a fundraising structure, Pankin and others say the site fills a need and is living up to expectations, if not a timetable. After that, they negotiate on their own without Auto Harvest involvement."We have come up with a better mousetrap of open innovation," said Pankin. "We offer a collaboration room on the site where people can talk.Eric Stief, the former director of venture development in the technology commercialization office at Wayne State University, is Auto Harvest's senior vice president.Auto Harvest is entering a competitive landscape between IP marketplaces, but may carve out its own niche, said Jeff Sadowski, partner and IP attorney at Royal Oak-based law firm Howard and Howard Attorneys PLLC.

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