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From the first phone call to the last email the service we received was above and beyond what we expected. Every email was answered quickly - sometimes the same day - and thoroughly. They answered our questions within one day, worked and verified in detail our documents before submission to the Canadian embassy. We started our process in September 2007 and obtained our PR visa in January 2009. First of all would like to take the opportunity to thank the whole team of Abrams & Krochak, for their consequent and very professional assistance that I consider now, after succeeding in obtaining my immigration visa indispensable.The firm is trustworthy, the rates reasonable and the service excellent. You’ll need to know much more to complete the process within a reasonable amount of time, which is why you should consider hiring an immigration attorney. Children under 21 can accompany your spouse to the U. on the K-4 dependent visa so long as they are listed in the visa petition. In the United States, the process for applying for a “green card” due to marriage varies depending on whether you marry the foreign national inside or outside the U. The K-1 fiancée visa is required if you marry inside the U. Both parties must be eligible to be lawfully married in your state of residence, i.e., at the time the visa petition is filed and at issuance, you both must be of legal age and not already married to each other or anyone else. on the K-2 dependent visa; be sure to include the names of your fiancée’s children on all relevant paperwork. S., find out the legal requirements for marriage in that country and if your marriage certificate will be valid in the U. You will also need to file Form I-485 (Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjustment of Status) and Form I-765 (Employment Authorization) if your wife plans to look for a job. can apply for permission to enter or remain in the U. with a view to settlement as a: The husband, wife or civil partner must be at least 21 years old (or 18 years old if a serving member of HM Forces) and must be: A foreign national applies in this category to settle permanently in the U. The median age of the migrant and non-migrant population throughout the developing world does remain in a late adolescent phase with ages ranging from the 15 birthday (world.bymap.org, 2013, median age).In fact, the rate of growth of unemployment among the youth population is higher that the case of adults (Alanana, 2003).So you will need to have extensive documented proof that your relationship is genuine. To apply for a K-3 visa you must be married and your foreign wife must want to enter the U. and wait for the immigrant petition to be approved. After two years the foreign national may be eligible to apply for permission to settle permanently in the U. (known as 'indefinite leave to remain') as the settled person's unmarried/same-sex partner.

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I seek to examine this assertion by carrying out a qualitative investigation on the relatedness of unemployment among the youth and their attitudes based on a population analysis of the youth among the indigenous non-migrant locals and migrant immigrants in Nigeria.

You will need to know the immigration laws in your country of citizenship and in the country in which you marry. Approval of a K-3 petition generally takes three to six months; after approval, it must be processed at the consulate, which can take an additional two to four months. If the foreign national is subject to immigration control and wants to come to the U. in this category, (s)he can apply if his/her fiancé(e) or proposed civil partner is: A foreign national who is subject to immigration control who is the unmarried/same-sex partner of a British citizen or person settled in the U.

Here we provide general immigration information for the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. With a K-3 visa your spouse can apply for a work permit.

If your country is not represented in the current list, please contact us.

I hereby would like to express my sincere gratitude to Abrams & Krochak for their highly professional services.

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