Telus updating roaming list

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You can use the Reading Pane to preview messages in your Inbox and other folders.

If you have the Reading Pane on, when you click on an email message, the message displays in the Reading Pane and the message is marked as read.

In your Preferences Mail page, Default Mail Search specifies the initial view when you log into your mailbox. Therefore, when you sign in, the results of your Inbox display.

You can change this to have another folder, tag, or a saved search displayed when you first open the web client.

The Activity Stream Folder is added to your personal folders list in the Overview pane.

For added convenience and flexibility, you can forward your email to another email address.

Your account is updated with new messages based on the polling interval set up in the mail preferences Check New Mail drop-down menu. If you are expecting an email message, you can click the refresh icon on the right side of the toolbar any time to receive new email immediately.

You can set up the Activity Stream filter to have email messages that are less important, such as newsletters and social update communications, delivered to the Activity Stream folder instead of your Inbox.

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This feature might be useful if you do not receive a lot of email to this account, but when you do receive email, it's important enough to require a timely response.Depending on your view, the Reading Pane can be at the bottom or on the right, or turned off.You can set preferences for receive new messages including how often you receive email messages and whether you are notified when you receive new messages.If you are moving a few messages within a conversation, the conversation appears in both places.The Conversation Detail View window shows the new location of the message that was moved. Click Undo that appears at the top of the page to move the message back to its original location.

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