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I feel that because I am black it doesn’t mean that I must speak Zulu.I think it’s very arrogant for people to think that.It might be because all my life people have been telling me to learn it and that it’s my duty to know it as it’s my mother tongue etc but who are they to say what my mother tongue should be just because of my skin colour.I hate being told what to do haha so it’s probably why I do the opposite. How do you think white parents of adopted kids should negotiate language?The Chat Room is not part of the default set of tools. *Note: Access to chat rooms in the tool can not be restricted.You can delete messages posted on the main message area but anyone in fhe course is able to enter any chat room at any time.When you first use the tool, you are automatically entered into the "Main Chat Room." You will see who is currently in the chat room under "Users in Chat." You will also see any messages that have been posted in the main message window.To post a message, enter your message in the bottom text box then click "Add message." Your message will not be seen until the button is clicked.

I learnt from a young age to accept being different and have a tough exterior which has made me the strong secure person I am today. I have never wanted to learn to speak zulu, that’s my own choice.The world is so big, you never know where they could venture off to.Is there anything in particular your parents did really well? My parents never forced anything and allowed things to happen naturally.My dad unfortunately passed on quite some time ago. I grew up thinking that I was one of them, part of the family, I still think that way even though I’m brown. What has been the hardest part of adoption for you?Hardest part of adoption for me has been the way in which society have looked at my family and myself.

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