Twenty something dating

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She is an award-winning blogger, taking home the award for Best Personal Blog in the 2015 Black Weblog Awards.In her own words, “I write about the beauty and messiness of life.In a Sequoia is unequivocally a testament to who Megan is — it is entirely dedicated to creating a life of intention.Recently, Megan quit her job to go freelance full-time, but within a few weeks, she was uprooting her Vancouver life to move to Toronto to work in PR for a non-profit supporting young creative entrepreneurs.Lydia is teaching millennials to live on less in order to live more.She moved out on her own at 19, paid for her own wedding and honeymoon, and saved thousands of dollars while making just above minimum wage based on her very simple philosophy.Must-read posts: 10 Financial Goals To Check Off This Summer, 17 Ways To Be Productive At Work When You Have Nothing To Do, How To Land The Job When You Don’t Meet The Requirements I have been reading Virginia’s blog since before she moved to Madrid from the UK for work in 2014.

The Inspiring Girl Boss Series Liz is a travel blogger and American expat who has been living in New Zealand for three years.I’ve been reading Liz’s blog now for over two years — in fact, she inspired me to travel to NZ twice.Liz has managed to do something many twenty-somethings dream about and leave her 9-5 behind while pursing travel and her business full-time.Kayla’s career hustle, dedication to her blog, and passion for helping other twenty-somethings succeed is incredibly inspiring.: My 2016 Year-End Review, Why I’m Taking a Pay Cut and Changing Careers, How To Be Rich In Your Twenties Tyece is a force to be reckoned with — she writes her blog (which inspired her first book and blog tour), is a spoken word poet, and host of her own showcase, “See. Even though she writes about fitness primarily in NYC (and I don’t live in NYC), I stick around because her career path is so fascinating, (not to mention she is extremely motivating! After graduating with a BFA in Drama, she pursued her passion for fitness and became a certified PT and group fitness instructor.She eventually found herself in a marketing position at a fitness start-up.

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