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Any folder that is white is something that is not a "MUT" folder and you can toggle everything in that folder via the same method, but this time it will get a "v" icon (checkmark) in it.

You can read through my folder names and try to figure out what you would like to have happen in the mod, but beware, some things are mandatory and I did not lock the folder.

I will not go over how to set up BLCMM for the first time in here, so I will now go to the "what to do" part once you get things set up.

Section 4With BLCMM open, go to the top left and left click on "File", then select "Open".

If you see dark and light green text, this means that the light green text replaces the effect of the dark green text.

You can right click the light green text to go to where it overwrites a previous statement and or command.

Select the file(s) by left clicking on them while holding CTRl (Control), then right click and select "Move To...", or, while the files are selected, select "Extract", which should be at the top.Section 6Follow the same process for Section 4, or not, it's up to how you want to play.However, some of my mods DO NOT come with selected default options and will require you to choose options to make them work.If you see several options that are in a purple color, these are considered "MUT" categories (Mutually Exclusive) which only allow one option in that folder to be selected at a time.You can choose one option by left clicking the "o" icon and it will fill the dot, not unlike most fill in the dot tests from school.

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