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In general though, as a shonen, I found it far more enjoyable the second time around when I wasn't forced to wait for updates.It's not the greatest mange ever written, but it's worthy of being a light read.I stumbled upon the anime several years and, though certainly flawed, found it to be enjoyable enough that I would consider it a "hidden gem." It was just enjoyable enough that the cliffhanger the anime ends with gave me the desire to continue on with the manga. This manga just gets progressively more and more asinine, silly, cliched, yet somehow uniquely dumb. Couple that with a clichéd story that grew progressively nonsensical with every arc (another common trait among authors that don't plan their story), and the end-product isn't something I could ever recommend to someone that wants a quality read....I would say "just watch the anime" but the anime just makes you want to continue the story and will no doubt lead you here, only to find the same disappointment awaiting you that I just wrote about. Last updated on July 5th, 2016, am This is the kind of manga, that story anchor a LOT on past there's a manga like that but good author usually realize that it wont make the story good so they will abandon that secret past and move on, but some(a lot) are not good enough to do or even realize that fault, Code breaker is in that category.Overall I would rate it a 5 or 6, but since it fits the target demographic well, and I'm feeling generous, I'm giving it an 8. But like with all stories that drag on for more than the plot needed, it lost its initially theme and original idea, and became a like a carbon copy of any shounen with the additional detriment of a confusing plot.

Pelican Accessories put together an internal development team and proceeded with future versions of Code Breaker.As of April 2017, a mirror of the old Codetwink site is hosted by Wes Castro, developer of the Cheat Device project.Sakurakouji Sakura is a girl who appears modest and graceful but in reality is skilled in martial arts.Though previous versions of the Play Station 2 Code Breaker were plagued by limited functionality, Unlike other cheat devices which store cheat codes on proprietary storage devices, the Play Station 2 Code Breaker stores codes on memory cards, thus cutting down on manufacturing costs. The device's official web site, Codetwink, run by Code Master X, (who also coded the entire cheat engine and cheat code types in the product) provides codes posted by the former Game Shark Code Creators Club.Using the Code Breaker device, one can access a feature named Day1 and import/export Saves.

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