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The Windows Installer uses the Get Temp Path function to determine where to put temporary files.

The Get Temp Path function checks for the existence of environment variables in the following order and uses the first path found: The path specified by the TMP environment variable.

First few times I tried it, I watched the progress bar stall for hours.

If I ever got to the second disc, it'd just stall after the swap.

I just let it sit for an extremely long time and it eventually worked.

I'm talking like a half hour just sitting at that spot during the installation.

Some systems additionally need microsoft Direct X 9.0C SDK installed to get all the whistles and bells working right too.

I'm glad to hear you got it running, perseverance pays off!

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Real pain in the rear since the game has 6 product keys that I keep having to retype, hyphens included. I'm trying to install the games on my new Windows 10 and it is stalling at this point. I don't remember facing this (I did pick up the compilation via Go G a while back).with several programs, I am having a problem installing.I repeatedly have errors with "another installation already in progress". I am running Windows 8.1 on an HP PC with a Intel x64 processor. When I went to install the x64 it went through all the steps of removing files, checking for space, etc. When installation was complete it indicated it was Updating Component Registration and then froze. I don't know if this is a registry issue or some corrupted file or ? Libre Office 4.1: Sidebar [closed] Cannot install with Win 10 - Error 1336 How TO Change Theme To MS How to Edit a PSD Document in Libre Office?

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