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Windows XPs built-in CD writing feature is a pale imitation of even the worst third-party CD mastering program, but if you insist on using it, make sure your drive is listed in the Windows Catalog of supported drives and devices (

To install the latest updates for Windows XP, including updates to the CD writing feature, use Windows Update.

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updating firmware for cd dvd burners-77

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With the widespread popularity of rewriteable CD and DVD drives, firmware upgrades for these drives are also becoming an important tool for improving their performance and stability.When you drive does not recognize media, try the following. Be sure that your media is clean, unused, and the recommended media from your burner's manufacturer. Most drive manufacturers regularly update their firmware and drivers.Try a different brand, preferably a name brand, if you continue to have problems. Take advantage of them as needed to keep your rewriteable optical drive working properly.Roxio PC products, especially Creator, are powerful programs with many components running in the background to give creative flexibility for audio, photos, and video.

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