Updating house with brick veneers

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But when you do – an ordinary old brick veneer wins hands down.So each wireless user in a home can stream 300Mb/s at the same time..But it allows for higher rate movies later in the future proofing.I have 5 machines connected via Wireless and they all get between 150mb and 300mb And the Wireless Home Automation stuff still largely sucks, you get a neighbor with a new garage door and the whole shooting match can turn to custard (and thats with some of the COMMERCIAL offerings, let alone some of the dodgy X10 style stuff that tinkerers cobble together). The band that most commercial wireless automation products operates in is unlicensed..Easier and cheaper to make future alterations, wiring, plumbing & doorway openings etc.Cheaper initial building cost even with additional insulation materials.Solid Brick – More expensive to build, harder & more expensive to make alterations in the future, Wireless devices don't respond well so would need to hardwire network prior to build, Quieter inside your home from external and internal noise.

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Gives the advantage of a solid interior wall, lots of insulation and no external brick to soak up the heat over summer. Current house is brick outside and hardwood internals with plasterboard, with foil insulation ceiling, and its just as cool and warm as my old place with double brick. Summer heat not an issue if properly insulated (Foil / Bulk Insulation/ Foil Concertina Batts), this will help with keeping in winter warmth in as well – reducing both summer and winter energy bills (its important to note that ceiling insulation is equally important for either type construction).cables are the old way, everything is going wireless, even tvs are going wireless with Sony's wireless HDMI and Samsung Wireless Internet.Especially home automation is run over wireless now as well x10 and Z-wave, to control your lights, blinds etc.and each room in the house is guaranteed full bandwidth?I'll still take a Cat6 cable for my PC's, PS3 over wireless..

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