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They were not used to seeing pets in the household and some were even treated as nicely as children.Kathleen Pusecker also had students over and thought the funniest comment of the evening was when they said, “We love all the rain!When I started using MEPIS with the version 3.5, it was not that popular and was not yet listed among the top ten distributions on Distrowatch. My only advice is to keep on rolling, because now is certainly not the right time to give up. There are many variants on startup procedures in the 'ix world.

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One difference between some of the MEPI’s cultures and here was that some families had pets.Red Hat scripts won't necessarily work on Debian or SUSE, for example. The instructions on what to look for in the "Make sure apcupsd is Running" section did not at all correspond to much of anything in Mepis 6.0. Yet how do I determine if apcupsd is actually running when I boot into Mepis ?And of course they are very different from Free BSD. In /var/log/messages there was no mention of apcupsd. The messages there read: Fri Dec 22 EST 2006 apcupsd 3.12.1 (06 January 2006) debian startup succeeded Fri Dec 22 EST 2006 Valid lock file for pid=27522, but not ours pid=27597 Fri Dec 22 EST 2006 apcupsd FATAL ERROR in device.c at line 68 Unable to create UPS lock file. If I follow the guideline in the online manual at and do a 'ps fax' I do not see anything referring to apcupsd.Its founder Warren Woodford was reached by Linux-Watch and asked him regarding MEPIS’s recent silence.His rather depressing remark clearly sends a negative message to the MEPIS community.

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