Updating perl howto

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Make sure you add cpanfile and cpanfile.snapshot to your version controlled repository and commit changes as you update dependencies.

This will ensure that other developers on your app, as well as your deployment environment, use exactly the same versions of the modules you just installed.

A return value of -1 means the number of rows is not known, not applicable, or not available.

Here, $dbh is a handle returned by DBI-execute() This routine performs whatever processing is necessary to execute the prepared statement. A successful execute always returns true regardless of the number of rows affected.

If the filename is given as ':memory:', it will create an in-memory database in RAM that lasts only for the duration of the session.

If you use perl installed by a vendor package with modules stripped from core, Carton is not expected to work correctly.If no file by that name exists, then a new database file by that name gets created.You keep second and third parameter as blank strings and the last parameter is to pass various attributes as shown in the following example.do($sql) This routine prepares and executes a single SQL statement.Returns the number of rows affected or undef on error.

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