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If you are a US citizen, you may be able to take out a loan to meet the cost of your studies.Swansea University is a participating institution in the William D. Money is loaned by the US Department of Education directly to students via their schools.But while few students can afford to pay for college without some kind of financial help, you need to be careful.Most of all, you should absolutely avoid borrowing more than you can reasonably repay in the future.)One way to determine the amount of debt you can handle after graduation is to estimate what your future earnings might be. But regardless of how much you think you’ll make in the years ahead, be conservative.As recent years have shown, the job market is unpredictable, and finding a job in the field of your choice might take longer than you think.We cannot guarantee that applications will be approved within the four week timescale if there are outstanding matters relating to the loan(s).There are several steps to completing a loan application after completing your FAFSA.

In recent years, two out of every three undergrads have borrowed money for school.As a foreign school, we are not notified when you complete your FAFSA and so therefore have to check periodically on the US systems.Remember, you must complete all of the steps on our Loan Application Process pages in order to notify us that you are applying for a loan. Federal student aid for a short term, or a study abroad programme is processed by the student’s home institution in the U. Swansea University is not authorised to certify student loans or deferments for U. study abroad students who only plan to attend for a semester or for a one year study abroad experience to earn credits that apply toward or transfer into a degree program in which the student is enrolled in the U. Such services include: • Consolidating federal student loans;• Changing repayment plans;• Resolving defaults;• Filing requests for borrower defence loan cancellation; and• Other benefits and services that students are entitled to receive at no charge Please be aware of so called debt relief companies.These debt relief companies may utilise sophisticated strategies to target unsuspecting borrowers and inappropriately use the Department of Education’s logo or other identifying information to give the impression that they are working with or for the US Government.

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