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Caption: Aaron Wise spending some quality time with his family. To connect with his fans, he uses Instagram and Twitter.

On June 18, 2017, Wise won the Air Capital Classic in Wichita, Kansas.

The next scene takes place at the library, where Babs (dressed like a judge) makes Buster agree on the pre-date agreement, which he agrees to do, but before Babs could date Buster, she called her unseen friend, Harriet to find out what she thinks of him.

At first, Harriet makes it sound like Buster is a jerk who did some horrible stuff, until Babs informs both Buster and the viewers that she thinks he's cute.

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Hatoful Boyfriend (はーとふる彼氏, Hātofuru Kareshi) is a Japanese otome-based series where all characters except its faceless heroine are birds.

Currently the series comprises drama CDs, fan guides, 4-koma comic books, official merchandise, and several visual novel sequels.

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