Wapmuk rudating

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Of course, a Rules lady would ignore that text message, or be too busy to make the suggested date. I confess to never having read how successive generations of Australian women have collaborated in perpetuating this existential straitjacket of being damned whores, so I am perplexed as to how to advise you, even though I too type with my nose.

A Rules gal would make him wait, so she has time to rehearse being honest but mysterious. Somehow “embrace your inner slut” does not ring true with my vocation, nor I suspect yours.

This week’s reader problem comes from I happened to have a one night stand on NYE (my first one) and this guy has continued to message me and I’ve been messaging him back. What do Troppo’s Love Gods think about Gen’s romantic dilemma?

I am feeling like I really could like him and I may have ruined any chances of something deeper because I slept with him the way I did. My dear Ms Gen, it is impossible to offer you any real assistance unless I know what genre of romantic fiction you are trying to re-create in real life.

Perhaps he sees himself as a slightly older Paulie Bleeker, ready to dive in at the deep end and swim his way upstream for his first passionate kiss?

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Sometimes I’m overcome with a feeling that Club Troppo’s tone is rather too uniformly earnest and worthy.

But whoever you and he think you are, neither of you are in charge of the plot line of your little drama.

You are going to have to work that out with each other.

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