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This sharp force injury is complex, and appears to be a combination of a stabbing and cutting wound.

It is diagonally oriented, and after approximation of the edges measures 5/8 inch in length; there is a pointed or tapered end inferiorly and a split or forked end superiorly approximately 1/16 inch in maximal width.

The decedent also was wearing 2 canvas type boots and 2 sweat socks. EVIDENCE OF INJURY: SHARP FORCE INJURIES OF NECK: 1.

Sharp force injury of neck, left side, transecting left internal jugular vein.

The direction of the pathway is upward and slightly front to back for a distance of approximately 4 inches where it exits, post-auricular, in a 2 inch in length gaping stab/incised wound which has undulating or wavy borders, but not serrated.

Intersecting the wound at right angle superior inferior is a 2 inch in length interrupted superficial, linear incised wound involving only the skin.

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