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"One of the things I think is the coolest out of the whole concept is, like with speed dating and so many of those other things, people get all dolled up and rightly so," said returning weed dater Jonathon Yonan, "It's just the nature of humans. But here, right out of the gate, you're all natural.

Although it's hard to feel attractive covered in sweat and dirt, last year, it seemed to do the trick as two interns for Earthly Delights made matches and a lot of people went on dates, said O'Leary.

"You meet somebody in the park and you don't know if they're there to be by themselves or meet somebody," said Loren Lorimor, "But here, it's a dating thing so people are here for a reason." Whatever the individual reasons might have been—rumors circulated that some participants may not, in fact, have been single—dating participants seemed to enjoy themselves, even after the beer was gone.

I’m wearing a vintage bridal gown with a long train, and my groom, Julian du Perron (30), is in a top hat.

The ladies were assigned specific beds and the men were directed by O'Leary, who instructed attendees on "what's a plant, what's a weed," in an effort to preserve the crops.

Larkspur is among the most common causes of cattle poisonings reported in these regions.

I’m a scientist, and I study weeds and herbicides for a living.

I research ways to kill weeds, and the biology of weeds, and the different ways that weeds interact with crops and the environment. The Plant out of Place blog is primarily a place for me to post my musings about issues related to weeds and their management.

Although it is one of the most common definitions, I don’t particularly care for it.

There are myriad examples of plants that we consider weeds that are very much in their place.

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