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A lot of it has been '80s pop synth like Duran Duran and Peter Gabriel. The fact that we won't have our mom with us and I'm sure my husband will tag along as well will make it a whole new experience. AJ: I think it would be really cool to play a show -- even a festival show with HAIM or a one-off appearance or an actual tour. I love that they're sisters and three artists blending harmonies. But I think Disney really helped us with regards to just being a platform. I think we ended up learning a lot about work ethic..Then you have more current people like Tame Impala or St. For Aly and I it starts with vocals, harmonies and that's the magic behind it. Is there anything in-store for your character Peyton in the next season that you can talk about?

We were really happy with what we were listening to, but we weren't really happy with what music we were making. It's something we needed to get back into; it's something we're passionate about, and it's our first love.

We're in an era of social media takeover where people are meeting each other online whether it's a dating app or through a friend on Instagram.

It just comes down to, let's just meet face to face, are you gonna take me out?

Because we didn't have any expectations, we ended up creating music we've never been more proud of, honestly.

Do you feel like you have the same fan base you did? I think we'll gain new fans with this music because it's different than past music we released.

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