Who is niki taylor dating

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In May 1996, Taylor made fashion history by appearing on six different magazines covers in the same month.

When I was about 13, we took some snapshots and with another local photographer, we made a little com card and we went to a couple of the agencies in Fort Lauderdale and then signed with one there. Hunter, he’s really good on the runway and all the clothes look amazing on him.

Who knew a pretty face wasn't enough in the fashion industry — especially when you're Niki Taylor!

But that's the case for the supermodel who has quite a few tattoos on her 5'11" body, so she's in the very painful process of removing four of them, including a fairly large cover-up piece on her right arm, which she says is the one that is often the "deal breaker" to potential clients.

Taylor is urging Americans to give blood this summer because the season is typically a time when blood donations are at their lowest "because there are distractions and people are going on vacations … "There will be six million people who are going to need blood transfusions just this year in the U.

S., so we have to meet those demands."More Celebrity Features on Yahoo!

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