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One possible reason we are not so good at judging our own attractiveness is that for majority of people it it in the eye of the beholder.

If you plot to standard deviations of ratings people received, the spread is pretty wide, especially for men.

If relative attractiveness is one of the key factors in our decision to say "yes", how good are we at assessing our own attractiveness?

Given that people are not always good at assessing their own attractiveness, how does it affect the ultimate goal - getting matches?

Let's focus on average looking people (people who rate themselves 6 or 7) only to level the field and see how the self assessment affects the outcome.

Features were generated using normalization and other techniques - see using the Classification Learner app.

What's nice about a Random Forest is that it can show you the predictor importance estimates based on how error increases if you randomly change the value of particular predictors.

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