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I have very little hope right now but a tremendous amount of fight left in me. We have to be our own watchdogs right now.”About Ivanka Trump, Kazan thinks she is “probably the smartest of the family, but I cannot imagine being so power-hungry you’d sacrifice other people’s rights to make more money and have more power.”Kazan thinks Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, have chosen to be central to her father’s bid for power.Her father, Kazan accepts, “is hard to say no to, but Ivanka converted to Judaism.Because of all of that, my relationship with food is much healthier than it would have been had I not gone all way to dark side and come back.”So many actors are permanently on a diet, said Kazan. When I met my now-agent, I told her, ‘You can’t ever tell me to lose weight because I won’t respond well to it, and I’ll fire you if you tell me to.’ Going through my eating disorder allowed me to put certain boundaries up that I wouldn’t have known how to put up for myself otherwise.”That isn’t to say Kazan hasn’t felt other pressures.“How many times have I been told, ‘You’re not pretty enough.’ That sucks, but you don’t have any control over that. I’m not being loud and speaking up in order to be a person who’s loud and speaking up.Back at home lights would flicker on and off when she entered or left a room.

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Kazan said, “I can’t fathom that the country where we want to be is the country where Muslims have to register, or are not allowed in this country, or where gay people have their rights revoked or women have their rights revoked or black people and Jews are targeted or considered sub-human.”Her voice clotted again.

She went to small private schools in Los Angeles (before later attending Yale), and so “everyone I knew had parents who worked in movies whether that be costume designers, editors, grips, and entertainment lawyers. She wrote the anorexia article, she said, in 45 minutes.

The piece draws a concordance between her eating disorder and her experience of being spooked by what seemed like ghosts.

“It was what was available to me, and the roles that were really interesting to me. I didn’t like it when people didn’t do their reading in class.

There are fewer films made at a studio level I like than were made 15 years ago.”Most recently, Kazan has been notable on social media for her criticism of Donald Trump, and for writing a piece in The New York Times, in which she eloquently wrote about her experience of suffering from anorexia around the age of 18.“The causes for my eating disorder ran along the usual lines: depression, an inability to express my rage, a desire to exert control, a desire to feel less, a desire to have my body express the things my voice could not,” Kazan wrote. I was self-conscious because I had braces, so I didn’t smile in pictures ever.”She had a lot of friends in elementary school and middle school, but at high school didn’t feel she connected to many people.

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